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Why Ultimate Bundles are Worth the Investment

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Ever bought single courses, eBooks, and training, over and over again? Wouldn't it be nice to have a bundle of your favorite products in one place, so you won't be worried about missing a download? That's where Ultimate Bundles can help.

Ultimate Bundles create huge collections of eBooks, e-Courses, cheat sheets, and other great resources, arranged in one bundle sold at an affordable price.

Ultimate bundle sales usually last just a few days, but every bundle comes with lifetime access. Ultimate Bundles' core topics are usually around family life, home management, productivity, money, meal planning, healthy living, etc...

Past bundles sold include Genius Blogger's Toolkit, Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, and Master Your Money Bundle - all at the lowest price for an amazing selection of digital resources.

I have first-hand experience with the Ultimate Bundles program and online business, both as a customer and as a contributor. Read on to find out about the next bundle sale.

And for those interested in the affiliate business, we cover that too!

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The banner ads and some links in this blog post are affiliate links. This means that, if you click on a link and join, I may receive a referral commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own and each company featured is individually selected. 

Master Your Money Bundle

What are Ultimate Bundles?

The Ultimate Bundles team handpicks all the resources, to create one bundle around a specific topic or niche. You then have the opportunity to pay and download the bundle during a flash sale.

Every bundle purchased offers incredible value and customers get lifetime access to download their products. All other bundles include a variety of top-quality resources from industry experts and popular bloggers - often with extra bonuses.

An ultimate bundle gives you access to ebooks, online courses, cheat sheets, workbooks, and other relevant digital resources.

Ultimate Bundles was founded in 2012 by two entrepreneurs who wanted to connect goal-oriented people with the smartest teachers online. They have since sold over 500,000 bundles, saving their customers an average of 97% (compared to buying each bundle resource individually). Not to mention the time you save when you purchase all the resources in one bundle. 

Ultimate Bundles Collection

Are Ultimate Bundles worth it?

When it comes to buying resources online, there are so many options it's easy to feel overwhelmed. It can be difficult to choose from hundreds of different products and online businesses that offer thousands of different features.

The Ultimate Bundles team is committed to finding the best ebooks, courses, and any other helpful content from expert writers and bloggers - always at never seen before value.

If you are interested in an ultimate bundle topic and decide to purchase one during a flash sale, I am confident you will find all the tools you need with your download.

Whether you have an interest in home management, meal planning, or blogging, for example, you will get the support and quality links you need with their bundles.

It all starts with productivity. Discover new ways to get more done in less time - so that you can create the margin you'll need to pursue the goals you're passionate about. Grab your free gift from Ultimate Bundles now. 


Yeah, but 98% off? Are Ultimate Bundles legit?

I'd say that despite their 98% discount, it's completely understandable that you may be hesitant to buy an ultimate bundle. It sounds too good to be true, right?

Rest assured, all their bundles are created by experts and offered at amazing prices; so what's the catch?

They are highly selective and it shows in the final curated collection. I bought the ultimate homemaking bundle a year ago and I still haven't finished going through each resource!

Because Ultimate Bundles are primarily composed of digital products, they create a win-win situation for everyone. You can certainly purchase with confidence from Ultimate Bundles.

Even if just a handful of products in the bundle apply to your life right now, it’s well worth the investment.

Although Ultimate Bundles has an extremely low return rate at less than 1/4 of the industry standard, there are some people who it doesn’t work for. That’s why they offer a 100% happiness guarantee refund policy for 30 days.

Is the Ultimate Bundle content of high quality?

The bundles are written by experts in their fields and popular bloggers; they contain everything you need to know about the topic in question. Your purchase will also include access to courses, helpful links, and other relevant resources.

The Ultimate Bundles team spends months reviewing potential contributors, approaches only the best for inclusion, and then only accepts the top products that they think will have the most appeal out of those.

I was honored that the Summer Savings eBook was selected to be included in the Master Your Money Bundle 4th edition. Being alongside 70 other writers was an amazing achievement for me. More on this down below.

Control All Finances eBook Collection

Where can I find an Ultimate Bundles coupon code?

Because all bundles are heavily discounted from their original price, there are no coupon codes or discounts needed.

You may get limited-time bonuses, as well as special offers from individual authors included in the bundle.

Ultimate Bundles has been highly successful at creating amazing bundles for 10 years now and their bundles continue to get better every year!

View the next bundle sales here.

Master Your Money Bundle

What happens if I miss the sales window?

The Ultimate Bundles idea is based on a flash sale model; so once the sale period has ended, you can no longer purchase it.

They recommend products that people love and have put together great bundle resources such as the Genius blogger's toolkit or the ultimate homemaking bundle.

There is a strong demand for their helpful bundles. So if you've just missed it, subscribe on their website so you're first in line for the next deal!

When is the next Ultimate Bundles flash sale?

As I am now part of the Ultimate Bundles family, I get a sneak peek of the next sales. Following the success of the ultimate homemaking bundle sale (their most-purchased bundle ever), there are more great bundle sales coming up:

Master Your Money Bundle: January 16th to January 25th, 2023

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit: February 21st to February 23rd, 2023

The Get Organized Toolkit: March 20th to March 29th, 2023

62 of the best eCourses, checklists, and eBooks about organization and decluttering. Make Decluttering Easy

The Get More Done Bundle: August 4th to August 09th, 2023

Top experts to offer you everything you need to be more productive at a 95% discount! Don't Miss out -- Get on the list


Interested in the next sale? Head over to the Ultimate Bundles website to be notified of any new bundle. 

The Get More Done Bundle

What is the Master Your Money Bundle?

The Master Your Money Bundle was created and curated by people who have learned how to handle money (without large inheritances or winning the lottery). While their incomes and expenses are all over the spectrum, you can count on real-life, money-saving strategies from people who know what it’s like to live in expensive areas or have large families or enjoy the little extras (even on a tight budget) while also trying to live within your means.

When you grab the Master Your Money Bundle you’ll get access to:

  • 18 eBooks

  • 26 eCourses and webinars

  • 22 printables & workbooks

  • 4 Templates 

  • 1 Membership

Excluding bonuses, that's 71 products worth $2571.36!

It’s basically one big financial library. Can you afford all these? Find out here

Master Your Money Bundle

What is included in the Master Your Money Ultimate Bundle?

The creators behind these resources are 71 bloggers who’ve spent years learning from their own financial mistakes and triumphs. They’ve had to learn how to keep themselves organized with their budget, how to keep plugging away at their debt when it’s hard, and how to keep the big picture in mind. They’d love to share their experiences with you.

Through the Master Your Money bundle, they want to help you pay off debt, grow your savings, and reach your financial goals.

Master Your Money Bundle product list:

  1. Budgeting & Managing Money (12 resources)

  2. Business & Taxes (12 resources)

  3. Family & Finances (5 resources)

  4. Making More Money (8 resources)

  5. Mindset (6 resources)

  6. Producing It Yourself (5 resources)

  7. Saving Money on Entertainment (6 resources)

  8. Saving Money on Food (9 resources)

  9. Tracking & Planning Your Finances (8 resources)

  10. Early bird bonuses

Do you ever get tired of never having anything in savings? No emergency fund? No extra fun money either? Have a look at the Ultimate Bundles website and decide if this is the bundle you'd hope for.

Master Your Money Bundle

Do I get lifetime access to the Ultimate Bundles I buy?

Yes, you get lifetime access to the bundle you purchased, at no additional cost.

You'll have 24/7 access to all of the tutorials and resources in your chosen bundle on any device. There's no limit on how many times they can be viewed - so if you've got a question about a project or need some inspiration, just go back to it and read it again or watch the course one more!

Summer Savings eBook

Are digital products really for me, or should I stick with physical books?

Digital bundles are convenient, versatile, and cost-effective. You can get a lot more value by purchasing a digital bundle than you would with individual books or collections.

Additionally, digital bundles come with benefits that make them perfect for any reader - whether they’re new to the genre or have been reading it their whole lives! For example, you don’t have to worry about losing your favorite books if they get damaged or lost because they’re stored safely in the cloud!


Are Ultimate Bundles safe to download?

These digital products are safe to download and use. They are hosted on a secure server, which means that your information is encrypted and secure.

Simply use the links provided with your purchase.


Can I use an ultimate bundle on my Kindle/Nook/Phone/Tablet/etc.?

Yes, you can use a bundle on any device that can download files. This includes your Kindle, Nook, or phone. Once the file is downloaded it will appear in your library of books on those devices.

You can also access the ebooks or any course from other devices such as tablets and laptops.


The Ultimate Bundles team

When you’re chasing a big goal and need a little help, Ultimate Bundles is the smartest place to turn.

Ultimate Bundles is owned by Jessica Evans, who discovered the business as a customer back in 2014. She used the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle to up her game in the kitchen with healthier food choices, and the Genius Bloggers Toolkit to launch her blog

She enjoyed the bundles so much that she accepted a job at Ultimate Bundles and soon found herself running the customer service department! In 2022, she purchased the whole company.


Why I became an Ultimate Bundles contributor

What do most independent writers have in common? They have a limited marketing budget but need a great bit of exposure, especially in the online world.

Most would feel overwhelmed by the amount of time and money required to promote their business and its products. The online biz is a tough nut to crack indeed.

Like most people who are looking to start their own business, I did a fair bit of research online, looking at a course, various webinars, and all the FREE resources I could get access to.

I don't recall which website I first heard about the bundle sale. But I must admit the Ultimate Bundles team is pretty good at marketing, as I ended up buying a bundle, even though I had told myself I would focus on free resources first!

Fast forward 12 months and I went from customer to contributor! I had no idea how much support I would gain for my online business in such a short time, thanks to Ultimate Bundles.

In case you missed it, the Summer Savings eBook was included in the Master Your Money Bundle 4th edition! That's still a pretty big deal for me!

If you are interested in becoming a contributor and want to promote your business to the world, I strongly suggest getting in touch with the Ultimate Bundles team. You can apply here.

Control All Finances eBooks

The Ultimate Bundles affiliate program

I understand why the Ultimate Bundles affiliate program is routinely listed among the top affiliate programs for bloggers.

When I bought my first bundle, I quickly realized how much I managed to save. Whilst I was hesitant to pay without being sure this was 100% for me, the value of the bonuses alone was worth more than TWICE the cost of the bundle, which made the bundle a no-brainer purchase for me.

As my online business was taking shape - in part thanks to all the tips I learned in the bundle - I joined the Ultimate Bundles affiliate program to share my first-hand experience with their business. Click here for the Ultimate Bundles affiliate login.

4 reasons to join the Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program:

  1. Your readers will thank you! Every bundle has incredible value and is available for a steep discount of 90-97% off.

  2. You’ll make a generous commission on sales. For every bundle that your readers buy, you’ll earn a 40% commission.

  3. These bundles are easy to sell! Because they’re such a great value and on a range of topics that your readers are interested in, most people will be willing to pay for such a great package.

  4. You’ll learn about affiliate marketing from the best. Before each bundle sale, Ultimate Bundles offers free marketing training to their affiliates to help them get the most from their sale.

Having experienced the Ultimate Bundles affiliate program myself, I cannot recommend it enough. You can apply to become an affiliate right here.



As you can see, bundles are a great way to get started with digital products. Ultimate Bundles is the ideal purchase if the topic speaks to you.

They're convenient and easy to use, so you can focus more on personal learning or growing your business.

Plus, these bundles come at an affordable price point - even more so when you get the early extra bonuses. It's not hard to see why they already sold over half a million bundles!

And for those looking to make extra income through the affiliate program, Ultimate Bundles should be high on your list.

Have you ever purchased a bundle? What is your feedback? I'd love to engage! Join the conversation here below.


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