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Ramp Review: A Great Business Card Saving You Time and Money

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If you are not familiar with the Control All Finances Blog, as a personal finance writer, I often emphasize being smart about how you spend your money. But what about businesses?

Companies of all sizes can benefit from savings and statement credit too. Why should cash back, lifestyle or travel perks offered by credit card entities only be for individuals?

Savvy business owners have one thing in common: they know controlling their company spending patterns is vital. The bottom line is that your business needs to save money for operations, expansion, and emergencies.

You can then use your business expenses savings towards marketing or any other department fueling growth. As no CEO can micro-manage company spending alone, that's where a Ramp corporate card comes in.

Ramp is a finance automation platform designed to help businesses save time and money. They offer a corporate card, real-time expense reporting, Ramp bill pay reviews, and accounting automation - all in one easy-to-use solution with no annual fee.

In this Ramp card review, we highlight its corporate card features, the tools available, and the Ramp for business requirements, so that you can decide if it's right for your company.

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Ramp corporate card features and cash back

With this unique approach to financial services and clever tools, Ramp has quickly become America’s #1 fastest-growing corporate card and was chosen in LinkedIn's Top US Startups in 2022.

From a field salesperson fed up with expense reports, to the Director of Finance needing better insights for strategic decisions, Ramp cards intend to solve these. Setting themselves apart from regular business credit cards, Ramp's USPs are:

  • Ease of use, no annual fee, and 1.5% cash back

  • Ramp expense management reviews, without the expense reports

  • Automation and accounting software integrations

  • Save on new purchases, current contracts, duplicate subscriptions, and unused partner rewards

  • A physical card with higher credit limits than most business credit cards, and a virtual card available instantly

  • No personal credit checks or founder guarantee


What makes Ramp different than a traditional business credit card?

Using its proprietary technology, businesses that use Ramp corporate cards save on average 3.3% in year one compared to those that don’t. They close their books 86% faster with end-of-month close time typically reduced to just 2 hours.

With carefully designed, modern tools and processes, Ramp card rewards more than 300K+ users who enjoy:

  • Simplicity: consolidate your finance operations stack and get 1.5% cash back on every purchase (no complicated points or a statement credit to analyze) - 15 minutes to deploy.

  • Automation: close your books faster with expense and accounting automation for every employee - 5 days faster month end closing process.

  • Savings: Save money each month with insights reporting that cut costs and maximize savings - 3.5% average monthly savings.


Enjoying this Ramp business card reviews? We have found the top companies in the personal finance space and the most helpful tools that offer you practical strategies on budgeting, expense management, credit limit, and more.

Who needs a Ramp card?

From recruits to finance leaders, the Ramp dashboard provides a robust suite with expense tracking and savings insights. A Ramp credit card is most suited to:


For those always losing receipts and/or wasting hours on expense reports, Ramp offers an easy-to-use software and AI-powered automatic receipt matching - so you never have to fill out an expense report again!

Employees will appreciate the swift expenses platform, which pays you back in one click with next-day reimbursements.

Businesses around the world are taking steps against hacks and scams, and are increasingly aware of the need to increase cyber security and enhance fraud protection. With Ramp's unlimited virtual cards available in a few clicks, take action as fast as your company needs.



No matter your industry, you likely feel sometimes that you waste time on reconciliation, quarterly spending audits, and other manual tasks, across disparate tools.

Ramp rewards accountants with a powerful range of automation and integrations that streamline accounting systems and reduce manual work. A key selling point is their digital expense policies and AI-powered receipt matching, which truly makes expense reports a thing of the past.

Their accounting tools automatically code transactions as they come in, eliminating manual work on expense categorization. Don't like chasing colleagues for their missing receipts? Automatic reminders will take care of this for you.

This is made possible as Ramp integrates with 1,000s of software for accounting (QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, NetSuite, etc...); expense automation for Gmail, Lyft, and Amazon Business; security applications such as Okta and 1Password; and productivity tools like Gusto, Bamboo HR, Square, and Slack integration. You can view the full list of Ramp integrations here.

Ramp claims its corporate card and tools can genuinely save Accountants a week’s worth of work. Get started the Ramp way with no personal credit checks or founder guarantee.



They often lack visibility and control over employee spending, particularly in medium-sized businesses. Some ventures fails to maximize productivity in this domain.

With real-time visibility, Controllers can take back control of corporate spending by tracking employee expenses and monitor out of policy purchases - right as it happens.

For instance, they offer remarkable precision in their vendor management feature where you can block or restrict purchases with a specific vendor - on a specific card or for the entire company.

A Ramp corporate card lets you set up category-specific spending controls on the charge card with built-in restrictions, eligible purchases, spending limits, and an approval process for employee expenses. This can be planned for physical cards and virtual cards (unlimited users) - all whilst earning 1.5% cash back on every purchase.

Slam the books shut! Accounting integrations and automation help modern finance teams close books 5 days faster, according to reviews. Get started and meet your dedicated account manager.


Head/VP of Finance

Forecasting revenue and business expenses in any company are challenging without the right tools. Finance leaders may lack financial predictability and insights for strategic decisions. A Ramp account can solve this with real-time visibility, deep insights, and spend forecasting.

They developed out-of-the-box integrations that simplify workflows, increase productivity, and make team life easier.

Imagine having access to real-time reporting and insights to help track cash burn, so you can inform on strategic decisions.

The Ramp Visa corporate card is issued by Sutton Bank and Celtic Bank (FDIC members). Enjoy the power of the visa network, with 1.5% cash back on every purchase. From startups to global enterprises, learn how Ramp can strengthen your finances.


A Ramp card with no personal guarantee required

A personal guarantee is a legally binding promise to repay credit that your business has received. Founders give these guarantees to get loans or business credit cards for startups, existing businesses, and solopreneur ventures.

Because the founders are typically highly motivated to develop their company, lenders are willing to lend money to entrepreneurs who give a personal guarantee. This is because such guarantees give lenders the power to take personal assets if repayments stop.

Ramp business card requirements

However, a Ramp card provides founders with access to cash flow without putting their assets or credit check at risk, and enables them to manage spending responsibly without the burden of being personally liable. A Ramp card offers 1.5% simple cash back on every corporate card purchase – no personal guarantee or credit check is needed.


Ramp card pricing & fees

How much does Ramp card cost? Having Ramp corporate cards and its range of tools will work seamlessly with your business bank account. Whilst there are currently no sign-up offers, Ramp has no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees, no additional cost for setup, and no card replacement fees.

With its simple cash back on every purchase offer, businesses can earn in addition to saving money when using a Ramp card.

Save money with Ramp

Clients benefit from their database of best-practice pricing insights. If your company is paying more than it should for any SaaS contract, a Ramp negotiator can get you a better deal - saving an average of 27% on SaaS contracts - on top of the Ramp cashback! Ramp will send you an alert whenever they find better prices, terms, or a contract that’s about to automatically renew.


Earn rewards with a Ramp card

Any business with Ramp gets to earn rewards, discounts, and various sign-up offers with leading companies, from accounting providers to travel services. Current partners' rewards include AWS, Xero, UPS, Stripe, Zoom, Slack, Salesforce, HubSpot, etc... You can view the list here.

The difference with a corporate credit card

Ramp is a corporate charge card. Unlike a business credit card, a charge card requires you to pay your monthly balance in full by each statement period. There is no ability to carry a balance, so Ramp does not charge interest.


Ramp business card eligibility criteria

Whilst there is no annual fee, to qualify for Ramp, your business must be:

  • Registered in the United States

  • A corporation, limited liability company, or LP. Currently, they are not accepting individuals, sole proprietors, or any type of unregistered business.

  • Have at least $75,000 in cash in the US business bank account linked to your application

  • Have most of your business operations and corporate spending in the US


Conclusion on Ramp card reviews

Ramp offers a robust suite to save time and money; their automation tools and integration partners make it seamless to manage expenses across companies of all sizes.

Getting cash back on every single purchase is quite attractive, with no annual fees, and no founder guarantee - your personal credit score won't be affected.

Being a charge card, a Ramp card works differently than a business credit card through; you would not be able to carry a balance for example. Using Ramp's business card solutions, however, presents many benefits.

Whether you have 5 employees or 5,000, you can get set up, issue business cards, and start making payments in less than 15 minutes.

Ramp is the business budgeting software that helps you plan your spending so that you can build your credit and your business. Get started with Ramp with no personal credit checks or founder guarantee - apply for Ramp card today! Terms apply.


No Financial Advice. This article does not provide financial advice and has been prepared without taking into account any person’s investment objectives, financial situation, risk tolerance, or particular needs. 


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