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Control All Finances Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Affiliate Program at Control All Finances, an Ebookopedia brand! As an affiliate partner, you'll be joining a dynamic community dedicated to guiding individuals and businesses towards financial independence.

Financial independence is the ultimate goal of gaining full control over your financial destiny. It's about achieving a state where your finances work for you, allowing you to pursue your dreams without limitations.

Our carefully curated selection of eBooks, includes the groundbreaking "Financial Independence" series. These resources empower your audience to embark on a journey towards financial control, offering expert insights, actionable tips, and proven strategies: 

  • How To Achieve Your Financial Independence

  • Develop Your Financial IQ

  • Summer Savings

  • Bundle all three + 101 Money Saving Tips (BONUS)


By partnering with us, you're not just promoting a brand – you're becoming a catalyst for change, helping others unlock the potential of their finances and step confidently towards a future of prosperity and fulfillment.

Join our vibrant community today and discover the power of financial control; let's together spread the message of financial empowerment and independence.

Explore our latest blog posts on achieving financial freedom through smart investment strategies.

At Control All Finances, we believe in providing valuable insights and actionable tips to help you make the most out of your financial journey.


Benefits - Exclusive to UpPromote:

  • Generous commission for each eBook sale

  • Commission bonus when you refer a sale for the bundle

  • Cookie days: 30

  • Payment method: Paypal

Once approved, we will provide you with marketing guidelines, social media templates, eBook mock-ups, and display banners to give you the best chances of success!


Join our Affiliate Program here or get in touch with us. Let's work together!

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