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When looking for money-saving tips during summer, evaluate your lifestyle. Do you visit Starbucks or a convenience store every morning for that must-have cup of coffee? Do you use your lunch breaks to eat takeout every day? If you’re addicted to coffee or lunch on the go, you’d be surprised at how quickly you can save money.

Sure, there will be some cutting you'll have to do - namely the frills. And you'll have to spend some time finding low-cost ways to have a good time. Fun is an important part of life… but so is paying attention to your finances.

There are lots of money-saving tips that can be found in this e-book. Implement them straight away, and you will notice a difference in your savings.

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1. Set Financial Priorities

    • Set Goals
    • Write It Down And Stick To It
    • Be Proactive
    • Savings First

2. Save Money On Summer Spending

    • Turn Summer into a Financial Teaching Game
    • Grocery Savings In Summer
    • Savings On Your Electric Bill
    • Summer Wardrobe
    • Thrifty Summer Party Ideas
    • Reduce Your Summer Driving Costs
    • Save On Child-Related Expenses
    • Grow Your Own Food And Save Money
    • Cheap And Kid-Friendly Holiday Ideas
    • Money Saving Travel Websites
    • Cash Budgeting System
    • A Must Do Saving Exercise For Everyone

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